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April 28, 2020

Governor DeWine Announces Plan to Reopen Ohio Businesses

Yesterday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced his plan on beginning to roll back the restrictions in the Director’s Stay-At-Home Order and Extended Stay-At-Home Order.  Generally, the Governor announced removing restrictions on four different economic sectors and anticipated times of reopening while continuing to urge businesses to allow teleworking when possible.  The Governor clearly stated that all businesses must abide by the COVID-19 Responsible Protocols, which can be found HERE, as well as specific guidelines for that industry sector as outlined below.

  • Healthcare – May 01, 2020
  • Manufacturing, Distribution, and Construction – May 04, 2020 – Guidance HERE
  • General Offices – May 04, 2020 – Guidance HERE
  • Consumer, Retail, & Services – May 12, 2020 – Guidance HERE

These changes impact All businesses within those industry groups, including both essential and non-essential businesses.  Essential businesses, such as motor vehicle dealerships, will need to comply with the additional guidance outlined both in the COVID-19 Responsible Protocols HERE and the Consumer, Retail & Services specific guidance HERE.  Therefore, dealership management should review the guidance and determine additional steps necessary to comply with these new protocols. 

OADA will provide additional guidance and updated Requirements and Best Practices as more information becomes available.