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June 23, 2020

Everything We Know About BMV’s New Print-On-Demand Temp Tag System

On June 26, 2020, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (“BMV”) plans on releasing its new solution for licensed motor vehicle dealers and consumers to secure Ohio temporary tags (“temp tags”), called Print-on-Demand (POD).  POD will allow web-enabled dealers to print temporary tag and registration through the dealership system instead of waiting for the cardboard temp tags to be delivered.  Most franchised dealers are familiar with the web-enabled dealer process of ordering temp tags.  However, instead of waiting for cardboard temp tags to be shipped to the dealership, electronic temp tags will be delivered to the dealership’s portal nearly instantaneously for its immediate use.

Dealers must exhaust their existing stock of cardboard temp tags before using POD temp tags and the BMV will stop issuing cardboard temp tags altogether on June 26, 2020.  The process of ordering temp tags has not changed.  Dealers will continue to place orders in bulk for temp tags just as they did before.  Once payment has been approved, the system will issue the appropriate number of temp tags and those will be immediately available for the dealership to issue to purchasers.  The POD system will have both automobile and motorcycle sized temp tags available.

In order to issue and print a temp tag, the dealership will follow the same general process it does currently.  Generally, the dealership will:

  • Sign into the Dealer System;
  • Choose the “Print-on-Demand Temporary Tags” box on the Dashboard;
  • Select “Report” on the Temporary Tag Menu
  • Choose the most current inventory range and the Dealer System will automatically assign the next available temporary tag;
  • Complete the application information (note that you must verify all vehicle and customer information); and
  • A Two Page PDF will be generated for you to print out. Page 1 is for the customer and includes the temporary tag itself on the top and the registration form on the bottom half.  Page 2 is for the customer to sign and should be maintained by the dealership for three (3) years.

The temp tag forms are formatted to print on two 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper.  Depending on your printer settings, you may have to separate the forms so it does not print on the reverse.  They will need to be two separate pages.  The forms must be printed on white paper. It is our understanding that these can be printed on normal, white computer paper.  A sample of the temp tag and registration can be found on Page 2 HERE.

The BMV has communicated with law enforcement agencies regarding these changes.  Further, the BMV has instructed dealers to place the temp tag on either:

  • The rear window on the driver’s side; or
  • On the rear license plate bracket.

Due to fraud concerns, dealerships cannot print multiple copies of temp tags for the consumer at the time of purchase.  Law Enforcement has been asked to confiscate any additional temp tags if it discovers there are multiple temp tags produced.  In the event that the purchaser’s temp tag is damaged or lost, the dealership may apply for a replacement temp tag as it does today.  As web-enabled dealers, which the majority of franchised dealers are, the dealership will continue to purchase each temp tag for $15.00.  However, the dealership may charge the purchaser no more than $20.00 for the temp tag.

If your dealership will be placing temp tag on the rear license bracket, you may enclose it in a plastic sleeve.  OADA Services has two different plate sleeves available for purchase to assist in protecting the temp tag from the elements.  You can find those two options HERE and HERE.  You can also reach out to discuss your option with one of OADA Services’ Reps, Emily Steveley, Chantelle Hill, or Lindsey Bladen.

For more information, please see the following resources provided by the BMV below:

  • BMV Announcement for POD Temp Tags – HERE
  • BMV Information on POD Temp Tags - HERE
  • BMV Information for Non-Web-Enabled Dealers – HERE
  • BMV Step-by-Step Guide to Dealer System - HERE


OADA will provide any new information as the situation continues to develop.  You can also reach out to OADA legal counsel Sara Bruce or Matt Chacey to address any issues or get clarification as needed.  Sara can be reached at (614) 923-2243 or  Matt can be reached at (614) 923-2232 or