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State of Ohio Announces OADA-Backed Recall Reminder Effort

OADA is pleased to report that the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS)/Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has begun reminding impacted Ohioans on their vehicle registration renewal notices that their vehicles are subject to an open recall which can be remedied at a franchised dealership at no cost. OADA proposed this idea to the BMV as a way to help address open recalls and promote safety.

While the State of Maryland was the first to pilot such a program, Ohio is the first state to do it on a permanent basis. The Maryland pilot helped remedy over 120,000 open recalls within a twelve month period. We look forward to similar dealership service traffic and results under Ohio’s program.

Please note owners will not be prevented from renewing their registrations if they have an open recall on their vehicle. This effort is intended to let them know an open recall exists and remind them they can remedy it at a dealership at no cost.

OADA appreciates the leadership of ODPS Director Tom Stickrath, BMV Registar Charlie Norman, and State Representative Tom Patton (R-Strongsville) for recognizing the safety benefits this program will bring to Ohio. Click HERE for a copy of the State’s press release.

Please contact Zach Doran at or Joe Cannon at with any questions.

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