Environmental & Safety Compliance

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KPA's over arching philosophy is to provide programs that are tailored to the individual needs of your dealership and act as an extension of your staff, making sure that the tasks of remaining compliant are accomplished so that your employees may focus on their responsibilities within the dealership.

OADA believes the benefits of KPA's services can be realized in many ways. Besides bringing the dealership into compliance with a number of regulatory agencies such as OEPA, US EPA, BUSTR, PUSTR, and OSHA, substantial savings achieved from these KPA's assistance have the opportunity to make the dealership money:

Safety programs that create a safer work environment reduce injuries that allow a dealership to maintain or increase savings through OADA's Workers' compensation Group rating Program

Waste minimization programs that can not only reduce a dealership's potential liability relating to hazardous waste, but can also greatly reduce the cost of their disposal

Effective, sustainable, environmental and safety programs can potentially reduce a dealership's garage liability premiums

KPA Facts

Since 1986, KPA focused on providing safety and environmental compliance services to franchised new car, truck, and motorcycle dealers. Franchised dealers are their business, their only business.

KPA is the acknowledged leader in providing environmental compliance and safety services to franchised dealers. Now serving over 1,500 dealers across 25 states, KPA's professionalism and adherence to the concept of continuous improvement has earned the respect of the motor vehicle industry and regulatory community. KPA's commitment to improvement results in a continuous effort to seek new ways to support the dealer's business and increase dealership profits.

KPA staff consists of highly educated engineers, scientists, and other environmental professionals. KPA professionals typically possess a four-year hard science degree and have had extensive experience in addressing motor vehicle environmental and safety issues.

Environmental Compliance

Hazardous Waste Management:
KPA's engineering staff will review the dealership's hazardous waste management practices, recommend corrections, and set up a record keeping system to keep track and account for your waste streams.

Employee Right-To-Know Training:
KPA engineers keep dealerships up to speed by taking care of program elements, including:

  • Annual inventory of hazardous materials
  • Assembling your Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Writing a Hazardous Communication Program for the dealership
  • Providing on-site training for dealership employees
  • Storage Tank Management:

KPA engineers will provide a compliance review of both aboveground and underground storage tanks. They can also evaluate storage alternatives.

Waste Minimization:
KPA will conduct a Waste Minimization study that will itemize findings and point out to dealership management how to save money on hazardous waste disposal expenses.

Safety Management

Written Program:  KPA engineers develop written safety programs tailored to fit the needs and preferences of your dealership.

Safety Committee Meetings:
KPA engineers attend your regularly scheduled safety committee meetings and assist in its duties. Among other things, KPA's engineer will take minutes of each meeting, document corrective actions, accompany safety inspection teams, and help assign responsible parties.

Safety Inspections:
KPA engineers will help the dealership generate safety inspection checklists and inspection protocols. Most important, they will assist in conducting dealership inspections.

Safety Training: 
A KPA engineer is available to provide on-site employee training on a wide array of safety programs. An effective safety program must include safety training.

Online Training:
New hire training is always a difficult job. KPA makes the process easy by providing new hire training classes through the KPA web site at www.kpaonline.com. In a matter of minutes, your employees can click their way through training programs such as Right-to-Know, Emergency Response, Personal Protective Equipment, and others. Quick, easy and convenient, KPA's jump start training gives you a leg up on new employee orientation.

Meet Your Representative:
April Vorndran has been an Account Executive for KPA for over a year. She understands the regulatory compliance in a dealership. Her background prior to KPA was selling, and being a manager in the payroll/HR industry. She understands the need for compliance, and having the proper procedures in place. When not spending time in a dealership you can find her with her seven-year-old daughter Hannah, and their one year old yellow Lab, Luka.


E-mail: avorndran@kpaonline.com