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DIG & NADA PAC - Political Action Committees

What are DIG and NADA PAC?

The Dealers Investment Group (DIG) and NADA PAC (formerly the Dealers Election Action Committee, or DEAC) are the political action committees formed by dealers to promote and protect dealer interests before legislators and government regulators - DIG on the state level, NADA PAC on the federal level.  Both programs are funded entirely by personal contributions from dealers and their employees and funds are used exclusively to support legislative and statewide candidates for office who understand and demonstrate fairness on issues impacting Ohio's automotive retail industry.

Why do DIG and NADA PAC Exist?

Legislators and regulators in Columbus and Washington can have a tremendous impact - both positive and negative - on dealership operations.  DIG and NADA PAC give dealers a "seat at the table" when public policy is debated.  Lack of this access could prove costly to the dealer body, especially when debate focuses on important issues like franchise law, dealer licensing and taxes.

What has DIG & NADA PAC Done for Dealers?

Listed below are just a few of the many benefits DIG and NADA PAC have helped generate for dealers:

  • Passage, protection & strengthening of Ohio's Motor Vehicle Dealer Franchise Law
  • Passage and protection of the documentary service fee
  • Defeated proposal to expand Ohio’s sales tax to numerous dealer-related services (advertising, commercial rent, warranty reimbursement, bank transactions, etc.)
  • Passage of legislation clarifying manufacturers may not obtain dealer licenses to sell at retail
  • Passage of the cross-county titling law
  • Passage and protection of the consumer sales tax trade-in credit
  • Passage and protection of the vendor discount, which is the portion of sales tax dealers retain for collecting it on behalf of the State
  • Passage of legislation allowing dealers to retain the service fee portion of the temp tag fee if sent electronically
  • Passage of legislation prohibiting mandatory binding arbitration in franchise contracts
  • Passage of legislation clarifying damages and creating a ”Right to Cure” under Ohio's Consumer Sales Practices Law
  • Passage of the Title Defect Rescission Fund, which allows dealers to offer vehicles for sale while waiting on title
  • Protection of one of the lowest motor vehicle title fee ($5) and dealer license fee ($25/yr) in the country
  • Protected ability of dealers to sell credit life insurance
  • Protected dealers from liability under legislation strengthening Ohio's Lemon Law
  • Passage and protection of group rating program for worker's compensation
  • Passage of legislation requiring owners of all purpose vehicles and off highway motorcycle to obtain titles
  • Numerous favorable decisions from federal regulators impacting dealerships


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