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Established to provide financial and /or legal assistance to dealers or dealer groups in proceedings before state and federal courts and administrative agencies where the outcome of the proceedings would have a substantial impact on the dealer body.

The Legal Defense Fund arose from a need to promote dealers interests, especially in legal controversies, when the cost to an individual dealer litigating the issue was prohibitive. In many instances, dealers could not continue to fight for their rights because of the expense involved and were forced to compromise their positions through settlements. The Legal Defense Fund provides the resources for OADA and its members to pursue cases affecting dealer interests, and in particular, cases arising from legislation supported by OADA.

OADA, as a tax exempt organization, is not allowed to practice law or to provide legal services for the benefit of its individual members. The issue must be one that is of importance and concern to dealers as a whole for OADA to be permitted to provide assistance without violating its tax-exempt status. The governing criterion then is that any benefit resulting to an individual member is an indirect effect from the fundamental purpose of protecting and defending the interests of its dealer members as a whole. The following material outlines the structure and the policies and procedures governing the operation of the OADA Legal Defense Fund.

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The OADA Legal Action Committee for 2021-2022:      

Dan Reineke - Reineke Family Dealerships

Tim Glockner - Glockner Family of Dealerships

Michelle Primm - Cascade Automotive Group

Jeff Cerny - McDaniel Automotive

Josh Sweeney - Sweeney Automotive Group

Rhett Ricart - Ricart Automotive Group

Suzie Reineke - Reineke Family Dealerships


For more information concerning the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association Legal Defense Fund, contact Sara Bruce at (614) 923-2243 or