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OADA Launches Employee Handbook Webinar Workshop

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

In partnership with Fisher Phillips Cleveland

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Creating Your Employee Handbook - Webinar Workshop with Fisher Phillips

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Prepare an Employee Handbook!

Why is it important have an employee handbook? If you have attended one of our employment law seminars/webinars over the years, you know that as we discuss various employment issues, the one constant we always come back to is your dealership's policy. The best way to establish consistent policies is to prepare an employee handbook.

The benefits of having an employee handbook are many; an employee handbook can set the tone for a business and provides a vehicle to clearly explain your workplace policies. Employee handbooks make for better workplaces because employees know what to expect and what is expected of them. An employee handbook ensures every employee receives the same information about the rules of the workplace and it provides valuable legal protection if an employee later challenges you in court.

It is important that your employee handbook is tailored for your specific dealership reflecting your policies and procedures. One size does not fit all when it comes to your employee handbook.

The problem:  Preparation of an employee handbook can be a daunting, time-consuming, complex process. more than 50% of the employers who begin the process of developing an employee handbook never complete the task. Not anymore!

The Employee Handbook Webinar Workshop:  June 19, 2018, 1-3pm

OADA, in conjunction with Fisher Phillips - Cleveland, is offering a structured program designed to walk the dealership "step by step" through the employee handbook development process. Your handbook will be:

  • Legally compliant with all federal and Ohio state laws;
  • Tailored to your dealership;
  • Actually developed and implemented - this program provides the level of assistance you need, and a strict timeline to assure actual development and implementation

This program is a two-part process:

Step #1 - The Handbook

Prior to the webinar, dealers will receive a prototype employee handbook customized specifically for dealerships and is compliant with Ohio law.

  • Dealers will participate in a 2-hour webinar where Melanie Webber, a partner with Fisher Phillips - Cleveland, will walk the dealership through preparation of the handbook.
  • Participants will have an opportunity to follow along, make revisions and ask questions during the webinar.
  • Dealers will have an actual handbook and two hours of legal advice and counsel regarding specific policies, best practices, and other considerations from the webinar.

Cost is $1,000.00 (remitted prior to webinar)

Step #2 - Legal Review & Consultation

The hardest part of assembling an employee handbook is not only determining that your dealership's policies and procedures comply with state and federal law but that your policies and procedures are accurately reflected in your employee handbook.

  • After the dealership has participated in the webinar and customized its employee handbook (electronically or via handwritten revisions made during the webinar), the attorneys at Fisher Phillips-Cleveland will review up to two (2) sets of revisions of the handbook within three (3) months of the webinar and will also provide assistance with any handbook preparation-related questions. Must enroll by September 21. 
  • While this step is strongly encouraged as we feel it will be quite beneficial, it is optional.

Cost is $600 (must complete option 1).

The total cost for both steps of the process, and preparation of a tailored, legally-compliant handbook within three months is $1,600, a discount from the Fisher Phillips' regular non-OADA member rate of $2,250.

This program will provide the dealership with an electronic version of the handbook that can be printed and copied or posted on an internal intranet.

Please remember, with a unique program such as this, if a dealership has a special policy or rule it wants reviewed or requests legal advice beyond the scope of handbook preparation, additional charges will apply. Also if a dealer has facilities in other states and would want this handbook to apply to those dealerships, applicable state laws would need to be incorporated. Fisher Phillips can provide this service for an additional charge.

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Please contact Matt Chacey at OADA with additional questions. Matt can be reached directly at 614-923-2232, or

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