Registration & Title


Dealertrack is proud to be the exclusively endorsed Registration and Title partner of OADA, helping dealers electronically process transactions for all of their customers -- both within the state and across state lines.

Dealertrack Ohio Title offers a user-inspired digital interface designed to streamline your title process and help complete transactions more efficiently.

Dealertrack RegUSA® helps complete cross-border deals faster, easier and more accurately with guided reg & title automation.

As a leading provider of digital solutions for the automotive retail industry, Dealertrack’s integrated approach to products and services supports one of the largest lender/dealer network in North America. Our solutions have been developed with direct input from title clerks, business managers, and controllers, including the most advanced dealer management system (DMS) and complete registration and title solutions.

Schedule a quick demo with Rosey Patti, Regional Sales Manager with Dealertrack's Ohio Registration & Title division, or feel free to call her direct at 216-538-3178.

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