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Ohio BMV Issues Additional Guidance Regarding "Print on Demand" Temp Tags

The Ohio BMV will transition to print on demand temporary tags beginning June 26, 2020. At that time, the Ohio BMV will discontinue issuing new cardboard temporary tags. Please use your existing inventory of cardboard temporary tags until exhausted.

Since this change was announced, the Ohio BMV has received many questions from licensed motor vehicle dealers. In response to those questions, BMV has issued two documents, attached here for your review. The first provides sample temporary tag and additional instructions. The second provides information for dealers who currently are not web-enabled dealers.

Please continue to call OADA with any questions you have regarding the new print on demand temp tags or reach out directly to the Ohio BMV. Call OADA staff members Sara Bruce at 614-923-2243 or Matt Chacey at 614-923-2232 for additional information.

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