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Governor DeWine Press Conference Summary for Tuesday, January 19

Below are the updates from Governor DeWine’s press conference. The next press conference is currently scheduled for Thursday, January 21st at 2:00 PM. 

Here’s the news from Tuesday: 

 *   Ohio’s COVID-19 case data is below:
    *   736,291 confirmed cases
    *   99,764 probable cases
    *   836,055 total cases
    *   43,605 hospitalizations
    *   9,252 confirmed deaths
    *   1,084 probable deaths
    *   10,336 total deaths
    *   6,391ICU admissions
    *   More data is available on the COVID-19 Dashboard HERE.

Governor DeWine today highlighted the vaccine distribution timeline for Phase 1B of Ohio's vaccination program, which began today for those ages 80 and up.

  • Week of January 25:  Vaccinations are anticipated to begin for those ages 75 and up. Vaccinations will also be available to those with severe congenital, developmental, or early-onset medical disorders, and who have a developmental or intellectual disability.
  • A representative from the local county developmental disabilities board will reach out to help coordinate receipt of the vaccination for Ohioans with severe congenital, developmental, or early-onset medical disorders, as well as a developmental or intellectual disability.
  • During the week of February 15, Ohioans with any of these conditions, and do not have a developmental or intellectual disability, will be eligible to receive the vaccination. Additional information on how these individuals can choose to receive their vaccines is forthcoming.
  • Each provider will begin administering vaccines the day after they receive their shipment. All vaccines must be distributed within seven days.
  • Week of February 1:  Vaccinations are anticipated to begin for those ages 70 and up following the same process outlined above.
  • Week of February 8:  Vaccinations are anticipated to begin for those ages 65 and up following the same process outlined above.
  • The Ohio Department of Health has launched a tool on to assist residents looking for a provider that has been allocated vaccines.
  • The tool is searchable by zip code and county, but it will not be uploaded in real-time. It is critical that those eligible to receive a vaccine consult local resources to determine up-to-date vaccine availability.

K-12 School Vaccinations

  • Vaccinations will also be available for personnel in Ohio schools in Phase 1B.
  • As of today, 96% of public school districts have committed to returning to school at least partially in-person by March 1.
  • Week of Feb. 1:  Vaccination administration will be coordinated with school-provider partnerships, and a majority will be closed clinics for school personnel only.
  • Schools committed to at least partially returning to in-person by March 1 have been designated a local Educational Service Center as a working partner. Additional details will be confirmed this week between the working partners and school districts.
  • School districts are also choosing a retail pharmacy partner, secured by the state, or an existing local partnership, to administer the vaccinations to school personnel.

Cybersecurity Update

  • Lt. Governor Husted today outlined various resources available to Ohioans who are interested in earning a credential, or pursuing a career, in cybersecurity. Strengthening the state's talent and workforce in this industry is a key component to improving cybersecurity efforts and protecting citizens and businesses from cyberattacks.
  • Resources include:
    • Industry-recognized credentials are offered at high schools across Ohio. Learn more at
    • Cybersecurity programs offered at institutions of higher education:
    • The Ohio Cyber Range supports curriculum development, cyber contests for k-12 to college students, internship programs, and more. Learn more at
    • TechCred:  Offers tech-focused credentials, including many on cybersecurity. Visit TechCred.Ohio.Gov to learn more.

Ohio Dept. of Insurance Director Nominated

  • Governor DeWine announced today his nomination of former Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith L. French as Director of the Ohio Department of Insurance.
  • French brings more than 30 years of experience, and will lead the department in providing consumer protection through education and fair, but vigilant, regulation while promoting a stable and competitive environment for insurers.

Attached are the slides that Governor DeWine used during today’s press conference. 

Ohioans can apply for unemployment benefits online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at It is also possible to file by phone at 877-644-6562 or TTY at 888- 642-8203, Monday through Friday 7AM to 7PM, Saturday 9AM to 5PM, and Sunday 9AM to 1PM. Employers with questions should email

As always, Coronavirus.Ohio.Gov and the Department of Health hotline, 1-833-4-ASK-ODH are great resources for those who have questions.

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