Retail Warranty Reimbursement

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Receive a Projection of Increased Profits from Warranty Parts Reimbursement

Recent legislative changes could enable members to as much as double their warranty parts reimbursement through Retail Warranty Reimbursement.  Armatus Dealer Uplift clients average between $80,000 and $100,000 annually.

This is an incredible opportunity to add dollars to your bottom line, but be aware, while the new legislation provides a blueprint, THERE ARE STILL MANY OPPORTUNITIES FOR FAILURE, and the submission process is time consuming, and with certain manufacturers, more complex than you might think.

That is why OADA has endorsed Armatus Dealer Uplift to help members optimize their profits without having to lift a finger.

Why Work with Armatus?

Armatus is by far the industry leader, having worked with over 1,900 dealerships across the nation, as well as 6 of the top 12 dealership groups.  No one has done more Retail Warranty Reimbursement submissions; and no one does them better.  

The goal of Armatus' Retail Warranty Reimbursement solution is to bring the best value proposition possible to the marketplace with the least possible disruption to their dealer clients and staff, through their combination of:

  • The industry’s only true mark-up and labor rate optimization software
  • Dedicated resources, including Audit, IT, Project Facilitation and Legal
  • A turn-key solution - unlike others, Armatus performs ALL the work
  • Superior knowledge of the law
  • Inside knowledge of manufacturer protocols

Bottom Line?

They have walked in your shoes with over 250 years of combined “retail automotive” experience; they understand the inside workings of a car dealership, and just as important, they respect the nuances and sensitivities of the factory-dealer relationship. You can trust them to keep your best interest at heart.

To find out how Armatus can help you as much as double your warranty parts gross profit, and at the same time confirm or increase your labor rate as well, CLICK HERE for more information.  



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