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BMV Announces New Enforcement Policy on Misuse of Ohio Temp Tags

BMV Announces New Enforcement Policy on Misuse of Ohio Temp Tags

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Dealer Licensing Section has released information regarding a new enforcement program it is implementing immediately. The policy focuses on the misuse of Ohio’s temporary license plates (temp tag). Remember, an Ohio motor vehicle dealer can only issue one temporary tag for one customer per vehicle. However, the BMV is seeing an increase in the number of dealers issuing multiple temp tags to customers. This new system is designed to curb that practice.

Each month, the BMV will issue a report to every dealer through the dealer licensing portal that discloses the number of multiple temp tags that have been issued to the same consumer for the same vehicle. If a dealership issues multiple temp tags for a customer within a two-month period, you will be put on probation. 

If the dealership is put on probation, it will receive an email notification to the primary email address listed on the license informing them that the BMV will be monitoring their usage for the next 90-days. If the dealership continues to issue multiple temp tags to the same customer during the probationary period, then the dealer’s temp tag privileges will be temporarily suspended for a time period once the probationary period ends. The suspension period depends on the amount of multiple temp tags issued during the probationary period and is outlined below.

Multiple Temp Tags Issued During Probation
Suspension Period
1-25 15 Days
26-50 30 Days
51-100 60 Days
101-150 90 Days
151-200 180 Days
201+ 275 Days

In the event that a dealer is suspended twice within a 12-month period (starting from the date of the first suspension), then the dealership’s temp tag privileges will be revoked for one year. 

During the temporary suspension or revocation, the dealership will not be able to order or issue temp tags for customers. A customer will have to purchase their own temp tag through OPLATES.

Dealers will be able to review each instance where multiple temp tags were issued to the same customer when they review their monthly report. Dealers should review these reports, determine why a second temp tag was issued, and train their staff appropriately to ensure future compliance. For example, if a dealership reviews the report and notices that they have failed to void temp tags before issuing a second temp tag resulting in it appearing as though multiple temp tags were issued for the same customer, review how to void a temp tag with your staff and implement corrective measures. 

Should you have additional questions, please contact Sara Bruce at 614-923-2243 or or Matt Chacey at 614-923-2232 or

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