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2024 Columbus Auto Show

February 22 - 25, 2024

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the 2024 Columbus Auto Show, February 22 - 25!  We will once again need your support reaching out to your OEM contacts, informing them of the importance of the Auto Show. 

The Auto Show remains the number one tool for new vehicle shoppers to compare different brands under one roof.  Take a listen to what real Auto Show attendees think as they talk about the importance for all brands to be represented.  WATCH VIDEO

Share the video with your OEMs, regional reps, friends and neighbors.  Share it with everyone that will listen and tell them how important the Auto Show is to your dealership and ask them to support it.

We are in full planning mode so please feel free to reach out with any questions, secure a spot for your brand or pass along an OEM contact for us to connect.  

Kelly Danison

2024 Columbus Auto Show:  February 22 - 25

2024 Columbus Auto Show Charity Gala:  Friday, February 23

2024 Columbus Auto Show

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